Hi! I’m a professional theater art-director and designer.
I graduated from the St. Petersburg (Russia)Theatre Academy with Master’s degree (or Ed.S. – I cannot say definitely because of substantial difference in terms).
I worked in the workshops Mariinsky Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre (formerly the Imperial) in St. Petersburg and performed work for Moscow theaters productions.
I work professionally with miniature about 2 years.
I work using the original technique of old Russian masters of theatrical scale modeling of late 19 - early 20 th centuries, when the artist made all the elements of his model with his own hands, and only with natural materials: paper, wood, cardboard (massive paper) and copper wire.
I added this list with modern textured paste, acrylic paints and LEDs.
Each of my works is entirely the author's work, that means that I don’t use any ready-made or semi-finished parts of third-party manufacturers.
My works are based on two main points: the creative freedom and historical accuracy. They can be defined as fantasies on the theme of interiors, from baroque to art déco style. I prefer them as the most aesthetically rich and thus interesting for miniature.
Besides the works of the classical "roombox" format, I have created my own special format “picture-in-box” that is unique (I haven’t seen any analogues), it fuses the detailedness of a miniature, the elegance of an architectural design and self-sufficiency of an art object.